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We will accept almost any type of residential or commercial installation challenge in Fresno, CA. We will always provide you with excellent service and quality in our roofing work as our imperative standard to excel in the construction world.

Our experienced technicians will provide your residence or your business with the best types of roofing and state of the art techniques as:

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is vital to the longevity and proper performance for the life of the roof. The condition of the roof at the time of re-roofing could also play a factor in the choices available to you.

Roof Repair

Have a leak in your ceiling? Notice peeling shingles? Has a storm come through and possibly damaged your roof? We offer roof inspections and repair for all kind of roofs in Southern California.

Dunlap Roofing Company is your best option for maintenance and installing residential and commercial roofing systems in Fresno, CA.

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