Acrylic Elastomeric Coating in Central California

Dunlap Roofing Company

Polyvinyl chloride membrane roofs

Superior quality acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluoropolymer coatings formulated for outstanding weatherability and durability. Weatherproof coatings for roofs and walls. Excellent adhesion, UV resistant, and mildew resistant. Coatings provide barriers to ultraviolet light to prevent degradation of underlying substrates. Reflective white and light colors lower roof and wall surface temperatures to help reduce cooling costs and save energy.

Acrylic elastomeric commercial roof coatings refer to a liquid-applied monolithic (seamless), fully adhered, elastomeric membrane that is formed in situ on the roof. These coatings are applied 5 to 10 times thicker than house paint. Typically, the thickness of exterior house paint is 3 mils, .003 inches. For elastomeric roofing applications, these would be 15 to 30 mm. So we are talking about membrane-like materials. EPDM is often 45 mm; HypalonR and PVC are 60 mm. However, with these coatings the membrane comes out of a can. That is why the term formed in-situ on the roof is used. It is applied as a liquid. As it dries, it forms a tough membrane, like EPDM and like HypalonR. But, unlike those materials, it has no seams. No field or factory seaming is necessary. Moreover it is also fully adhered. These coatings are not mechanically attached like other types of single-ply membranes.

Install white roofs and save energy

White elastomeric acrylic coatings can reduce the internal temperature of uninsulated and poorly ventilated buildings significantly. Moreover, these coatings can prolong the life of a roof by protecting the asphalt roofing material below from degradation by heat, sunlight, water and thermal shock. White elastomeric commercial coats reduce the peak air conditioning energy demand by 25%.

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