Commercial Foam Roofing in Central California

Dunlap Roofing Company

Commercial foam polyurethane roof systems have many advantages. Polyurethane foam and elastomeric coatings for your roof can replace all other expensive roof alternatives that would not last and would not save your energy usage.

When a commercial spray foam roof is applied, work areas can be put back into service almost immediately, which minimizes costly downtime. This coating system has up to 1,300% elongation and tensile strengths up to 4,200 psi. abrasion resistance and tear strength are outstanding. These characteristics, combined with low permeability and high impact resistance, produce a waterproof surface that will bridge cracks and, at the same time, hold up to fork lift and vehicular traffic. Polyurea bonds well to concrete, steel, wood, and other substrates. It cures in temperatures from -20 F to -350 F and in high humidity. This allows for working in freezers, cold rooms or storage. Resistance to thermal shock and chemicals is excellent.

Commercial spray foam roofing systems have many advantages over traditional roofing methods:

Foam roofs are seamless

Polyurethane foam is applied as a liquid, it flows and bonds together, creating a single monolithic membrane that covers the entire roof. Because it is totally seamless, there are no seams or joints, which are the major source of leaks in a traditional roofing system.

Spray foam is easily applied

The foam can be sprayed onto virtually any clean surface. Irregular, or odd shaped roofs and protrusions can be easily covered.

Lightweight and high strength

Commercial foam roofing systems generally weigh approximately 50 lbs. per square foot. This is 50% less weight than a traditional built-up roof that can weigh 100 lbs. per square foot or more.

High insulation value

Sprayed polyurethane foam has an R-value rating of approximately 7.14 per 1 inch in thickness. It can provide more thermal resistance with less material than any other type of roofing insulation. Commercial foam roofing systems produce energy savings of 25% or greater when compared to alternative roofing systems.

Dunlap Roofing Co. is your best option for maintenance and installing high-efficiency commercial foam roofing systems in the Fresno and San Diego, CA areas.