Roof Maintenance in Central California

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Commercial roof maintenance

Proper maintenance is a method of sustainability by reducing the disposal of an underperforming roof assembly to the dump. Professional maintenance is vital to the longevity and proper performance for the life of your business facility’s roof. Eventually, something will give way to the stress:

Roof Maintenance in Central California | Dunlap Roofing Company

  • Caulking on flashing will deteriorate
  • Seams will come down
  • Gravel will be blown away to expose a built-up roof membrane
  • Accelerated membrane deterioration will occur in ponding areas
  • There will be other damage from the environment
  • Tears or punctures will be made by personnel working and/or walking on the roof

Periodic maintenance can prevent accelerated roof failure and durability. The condition of the actual installation at the time of re-roofing could also play a factor in the choices available to you.

Our staff of experienced professionals will accept any type of roofing challenge and realizes that excellent service and quality work is the basic imperative to survival in the construction trades. We stand out above the rest because of our dedication to outstanding customer service, commitment to quality and superior roofing workmanship in the Fresno and San Diego, CA areas.

Need repair?

Have a leak in your ceiling? Notice peeling shingles? Has a storm come through and possibly damaged your roof? We offer inspections and roof repair services to businesses in the Fresno and San Diego, CA areas.

Dunlap Roofing Company is the best team to call for your commercial roof maintenance. Our programs offer you peace of mind, ensuring complete roof repairs and inspections, thorough moisture detection, rock removal, wind and hail damage checks and more. Call us today!